Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bert part 2

I originally intended to have Bert be a build-up puppet with silicon hands and feet, but later decided to sculpt his body as well. Not because it had to be that way, but more so I could really find his shape and more of the style of the film. I built a crappy wire armature, not for animation but just for sculpting. I painted on some warm clay and then added more clay once the wire was completely covered. Then I sculpted until he got pretty close. Because I am covering the body with real cloth, the surface doesn't have to be very smooth. The hands ad feet are more important because they will be casted in silicon, but even with them, I don't want my own work to be super smooth (not that thats is a real danger). It should show the process a little bit. Lots of accidents and flaws to prove it's all real. It would be really nice if I could take a few in-focus pictures

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